Prasanth Sasikumar

Researcher/PHD Student at University of Auckland, New Zealand. Specialize in using Multimodal input in Remote Collaboration and scene reconstruction. Interested in all things virtual and augmented.

XR Developer | HCI Researcher.

I build digital and physical stuff for both busines and pleasure. Loves solving real world problems using AR/VR applications. Currenlty doing my Ph.D. at Empathic Computing Lab, The University of Auckland with a research focus on using Multimodal input in Remote Collaboration and scene reconstruction.

Masters in Human-Computer interaction from the Human Interface Lab, University of Canterbury in 2018. The research focused on incorporating wearable and non-wearable Haptic devices in VR sponsored by MBIE as part of the NZ/Korea Human-Digital Content Interaction for Immersive 4D Home Entertainment project.

I have worked on a couple of IoT projects and have three years of IT professional experience that spans XR development and web technology. I also have a background in airline IT product development and Testing. "Most of my day-to-day work now revolves around Unity and Unreal (Game Engines). Comfortable with C#, C++, Java, javascript, angular, and nodeJs. Quite familiar with Agile development methodologies.



Graduate Teaching Assistant - University of Auckland, NZ

• Assisting in designing and delivering course curriculum on "Designing with mixed reality" applications


Research Assistant - Massey University, NZ

• Development of privacy first - human tracking solution for disaster evacuation.


XR Developer - Jix Reality, NZ

• Responsibilities included developing XR experiences for corporates & events.


Software Engineer - IBS Software Services, IN

• Developing booking solutions (JAVAEEE) for leading aviation software Firm.

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