Holo pet

4 November 2021 2 mins read

Recently browsing through the app store, I have been noticing a fair number of virtual pet apps - like "my taking dogs" or "my taking toms". The reason why these apps are popular is simple: kids love how they work and adults have already had something similar when they were young, thus making it a pleasure to take a stroll down memory lane.

I have heard of those little devices called Tamagotchi, which was one of the first versions of virtual pet apps.

I was recently involved in a project that got me to spend considerable time with Microsoft Hololens, which led to the thought of building a holographic pet.

Key considerations are :

  1. Simple 3D pet character.
  2. Interactive - Hand-based interactions like petting.
  3. Voice commands - response based on calls
  4. Have the ability to change to different characters and

To get started, I made this simple video to demonstrate what's to come!

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