Integrating speakers into a Motorcycle Helmet

3 January 2017 1 mins read

Bringing the music inside the helmet.

Usually, when a headphone dies, the cable is most likely the culprit. My Bluedio headphone recently stoped working due to a bad connection in the cable. Instead of throwing them away, I decided to repurpose the headphone by integrating it into my secondary helmet.

Faulty headphone

headphone getting dissassembled

Separated both speakers from the headphone casing. Found the best place to attach the speakers after some trial and error. Glued the back of the speaker to the inside of the helmet and routed the connection wire between them under the helmet's padding.

Speaker placement inside the helmet

Got a 3.5mm female socket and soldered it to the wire ends. Attached the socket to the right-back of the helmet. Since the socket is facing downwards, if the aux cable is pulled, it would safely detach.

3.5mm Aux in to connect to mobile.

Now I could listen to music during my commute.

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