Join me in my adventure

16 September 2016 2 mins read

When I was 5 years old, my father bought me an electronics starter kit and taught me how to play with LEDs and stepper motors. I was hooked. Electronics was my future. At least I thought it was. Because 10 years later I met my next love: computers.

Computers did become my future. After school, I went on study computer science engineering degree and became a full-time software engineer. Allowing me to spent 40+ hours behind my computers while getting paid for. 

Now, at the age of 24, I rediscovered my first love. Not only did I become (somewhat) mature, but so did the electronics. New (open sourced) technologies like the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino allow me to combine my computer technology and electronics knowledge.

I had recently quit my job to pursue higher education abroad. Currently, I am on a break due to an ACL replacement surgery. On the bright side, it has enabled me to learn new things(like Javascript) and create a few projects that I will put up soon.

Join me in my adventure of building stuff while failing, procrastinating, and improving my life with useless inventions.

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